This web site releases up-to-date research results and activities primarily in Antarctic Glaciology and also in other cryospheric regions such as Svalbard.  The research group is currently based at Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø and maintains strong partnerships with colleagues from foreign and domestic institutions.

Project pages describe outline of past (since 2005) and ongoing projects funded by a range of agencies.  Publication pages give a brief description of individual scientific papers and data sets.  These descriptions are written for general audience; glaciologists, please visit paper abstract and paper itself linked from each article under publications.  For a complete list of publications, please see Matsuoka’s CV.  Photo pages are good introductions of our daily life in the field.  Member pages show career review and brief introduction to each member.

We are looking for prospective students at any levels (BS, MS, and PhD), post-doctoral research fellows, and more senior collaborators.  We of course welcome applications from people who have been trained as glaciologists, but also we are keen to involve people from other disciplines such as seismology, oceanography (and any other geophysics fields), climate change, computer science, and electrical engineering (this list is not exclusive).  Students and postdoc fellows can be funded at Norwegian Polar Institute or at University of Washington, where Dr. Matsuoka serves as an affiliate faculty member.

Tromsø is the largest city in Northern Norway.  Personally, I call Northern Norway as the “tropical region of the Arctic”: there are great opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities just next to your home, round-the-clock sunshine over two months in the summer when most people enjoy 5-week paid vacation, and beautiful northern light.  All scientific activities can be made only in English and most Norwegian understand English pretty well.

It is our desire to establish a research group with full of scientific ambitious and collegial atmosphere on an excellent balance between private and professional life.  If you are interested in positions at Tromsø, please feel free to send short description of your research interests/achievements and CV to Dr. Matsuoka.